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Dodge Cummins, Ford Powerstroke, GMC & Chevy Duramax Diesel Repair & Performance

Diesel Performance Canada, Cummins, Powerstroke, Duramax

Price Match Guarantee

S&B Filters Canada BD-Diesel-Performace-Canada H&S-diesel-performance-canada bullet-proof-diesel-canada mbrp-diesel-exhaust-canada flo-pro-diesel-performacen-exhaust-canada sinister-diesel-performance-canada edge-diesel-performance-chips-tuners-canada sct-custom-tuner-diesel-canada afe-diesel-cold-air-intake-canada Airaid-cold-air-intake-diesel-canada

cummins-powerstroke-duramax-diesel-performance dodge-cummins-ford-powerstroke-gmc-duramax-diesel-performance

Flo~Pro Exhaust Sale 5% Off Diesel Diagnostic Special $149.00

Coupon Code: APRFLO15

Flo Pro Diesel Exhaust, Cummins exhaust, Powerstroke exhaust, Duramax exhaust, Diesel Performance exhaust canada

Includes Free Shipping In Canada

  • Test Both Batteries
  • Test Alternator Charging Voltage
  • Scan For Diagnostic Codes
  • Test Glow Plugs & Control Module
  • Test Fuel Injector Control Module
  • Perform Fuel Pressure Test
  • Fuel Injector Power Balance Test (Powerstroke)
  • Fuel Injector Return Flow Test (Cummins)
  • Fuel Injector Balance Test (Duramax)

Includes Detailed Print Outs & Estimates

Edge Products Sale 5% Off Diesel Maintenance Special $129.00

Coupon Code: APREDG15

Edge Diesel Performance Tuners, Ford Powerstroke Performance, Dodge Cummins Performance, Duramax Diesel Performacne

Includes Free Shipping In Canada

  • Replace Engine Oil & Filter
  • Inspect & Lubricate Steering/Suspension
  • Rotate Tires & Set Pressures (If Requested)
  • Inspect Brakes & Braking System 
  • Inspect Diesel Emission Systems
  • Inspect All Hoses & Belts
  • Test Coolant & Cooling System
  • Check All Bulbs & Lamps

Includes Detailed Mechanical Print Outs

BD Diesel Sale 5% Off All Products Fuel Filter Service $79.00 - $149.00

Coupon Code: APRBD15

BD Diesel Performance, Cummins Diesel Performance,  Powerstroke Diesel Performance,  Duramax Diesel Performance

Free Shipping In Canada

  • Test & Inspect Fuel System
  • Inspect For Fuel Contamination
  • Replace Primary Fuel Filter/Water Seperator
  • Repalce Secondary Fuel Filter / Water Seperator (Ford Powerstroke Only)
  • Includes 1 Stanadyne Fuel Treatment
  • Only OEM or OEM Approved Filters Used

Call to Schedule 604-593-5377

H&S Performance Cooling System Test & Flush $169.00

H&S Mini Maxx And XRT Pro Back In Stock 

Diesel Performance Canada, H&S Mini Maxx, H&S Performance, Mini Maxx, XRT Pro, H&S XRT Pro, Mini Maxx Race Tuner, XRT Pro Race Tuner, Cummins Mini Maxx, Powerstroke Mini Maxx, Duramax Mini Maxx

Free Shipping In Canada

  • Pressure Test Cooling System
  • Inspect Radiator & Hoses
  • Test Cooling System Components
  • Test EGR Cooler & Oil Cooler (Powerstroke)
  • Flush Cooling System
  • OEM Coolant Used

Ask About Our Upgraded Water Pumps

Diesel Particulate Filters  Transmission Service & Flush $279.00

DPF Service Kits Light/Med/Heavy Duty

Price Reduction - April 1st 2015

Diesel Particulate Filter

Click or Call for Details 1-877-339-7601

  • Remove Transmission Pan
  • Inspect Pan For Material 
  • Drain Fluid & Flush Cooler/Lines
  • Perform Band Adjustment (Dodge)
  • Replace Internal & External Filters
  • OEM Filters/Fluids Used
  • Road Test, Recheck & Top Up Fluid

Free Installation On Upgraded Transmission Pans

S&B Filters Canada BD-Diesel-Performace-Canada-dodge-diesel-performance-cummins-diesel-performance H&S-diesel-performance-canada bullet-proof-diesel-canada mbrp-diesel-exhaust-canada flo-pro-diesel-performacen-exhaust-canada sinister-diesel-performance-canada edge-diesel-performance-chips-tuners-canada sct-custom-tuner-diesel-canada-ford-diesel-performance-powerstroke-diesel-performance afe-diesel-cold-air-intake-canada Airaid-cold-air-intake-diesel-canada

Free Shipping Canada Wide!

Dodge Cummins Diesel Performance - Ford Powerstroke Diesel Performance - GMC & Chevy Duramax Diesel Performance