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Diesel Diagnostic Service ($179)

BC Diesel has some of the most experienced technicians in our specialized industry. For over 6 years we have hosted Mike Cleary's (Powerstroke Engineer & Instructor) diagnostic and repair training. Our technicians could teach the course! We have over 25 years experience with Powerstroke, Cummins, and Duramax engines as well as many years with the not so new Eco Diesel. Take your light duty diesel truck to the experts for an accurate diagnostic the first time. In most cases we can offer a more robust, reliable replacement part than the original equipment. From higher quality fuel injectors and turbochargers, to heavy duty transmissions, BC Diesel has you covered. Use our Shop-By-Truck feature to see what BC Diesel has to offer for your specific truck!

  • Test Both Batteries
  • Test Alternator Charging Voltage
  • Test Engine Starter
  • Scan For (DTC) Diagnostic Trouble Codes
  • Test Glow Plugs & Control Module Systems
  • Test Fuel Injection System & Control Modules
  • Perform Relative Compression Test & Manual Compression Test (Additional Charges Apply)
  • Test Turbocharger and Actuator Operation
  • Perform High & Low Fuel Pressure Tests
  • Fuel Injector Power Balance Test (Powerstroke)
  • Fuel Injector Return Flow Test (Cummins)
  • Fuel Injector Balance Test (Duramax)
  • Test Diesel Emission System
  • Test Engine Oil Cooler
  • Test Cylinder Head Gasket

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