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Transmission Service ($329)

  • Remove Transmission Pan
  • Inspect Pan for Excessive Clutch Material and Metal
  • Drain Fluid, Flush Cooler and Lines
  • Perform Band Adjustment (Dodge)
  • Replace Internal and External Filters
  • OEM Filters and Fluids Used
  • Road Test, Recheck and Top Up Fluid

Qualifying Transmissions

  • Ford F-Series Transmissions: 4R100 / 5R110 / 6R140
  • GMC Sierra/Silverado Transmissions:  Allison1000
  • Dodge Ram Transmissions: 47RE / 48RE, 68RFE, (Aisin $429.00)

How about free installation of a high quality, deep sump, aluminum transmission pan? 100 percent overlap labour with your next transmission service! Check out our popular Shop-By-Truck feature for our full line of upgraded transmission parts. We stock all the major brands.... AFE, BD Diesel, Mag Hytec and much more!

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