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A6SABD425 Airdog II-4G Fuel Air Separation System (165 GPH) - Dodge 1998.5-2004

Mftr. Part#: A6SABD425
UPC: 813094019250
Manufacturer: Airdog Pureflow
Airdog's II-4G 165GPH dual feed gerotor pump system on your 1998.5-2004 Dodge Cummins 5.9/6.7L provides increased fuel economy, power/torque output, longer injector life, and improved throttle response.

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Mftr. Part#A6SABD425
Weight (lbs.):22.80 lbs.
Dimensions:8.00" x 19.50" x 13.50"

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Attribute nameAttribute value
Product TypeFuel Lift Pump/Water Separator System
Pump SeriesAirdog II-4G

A6SABD425 Overview

This is the AirDog II-4G DF-165 fuel system for the 1998.5-2004 VP-44 and early CP3 5.9L. This system mounts to the frame rail using the supplied sandwich plate mounting system.

A Fuel Module Upgrade Kit is installed in the factory fuel basket to pull fuel through a factory-style 1/2" bulkhead fitting. This will bypass the factory in-tank lift pump.

The pressure side connects directly into the side of the injection pump, bypassing the factory fuel filter housing. The AirDog Air/Vapor return is sent back to the tank through the factory 3/8” suction line once the module is modified.

This is a 165GPH (Gallon Per Hour) fuel system for moderately modified trucks. Check out our installation manual for a list of parts that are included with this kit.

Airdog II-4G Overview

The advanced 4G technology offers protection and performance like never before! Our patented air separation, along with a water separator and fuel filter makes sure your expensive injection system components get all the clean fuel they need.

The AirDog® II-4G also overcomes loss of power due to driving in higher altitudes. The AirDog® II-4G System Improves Engine Performance by eliminating spray pattern disruption due to air entering the system. This allows the engine to keep its designed injection timing which allows a more complete burn of the fuel entering the cylinder. This increases overall engine efficiency across the power and torque range!

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