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A6SABD424 Airdog II-4G Fuel Air Separation System (165 GPH) - Dodge 1994-1998

Manufacturer: Airdog Pureflow
With Airdog's II-4G 165GPH dual feed gerotor pump system, your 1994-1998 Dodge Cummins 5.9L 12V runs more efficiently, with increased fuel economy, power and torque output, longer injector life, and improved throttle response.

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Mftr. Part# A6SABD424
UPC 813094019243
Weight (lbs.): 23.20 lbs.
Dimensions: 8.00" x 19.50" x 13.50"

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Product Type Fuel Lift Pump/Water Separator System
Pump Series Airdog II-4G
$960.00 (CAD)
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A6SABD424 Overview

This is the AirDog II-4G DF-165 fuel system for the 1994-1998 P-Pump 12V Cummins.

This system mounts to the frame rail using the supplied sandwich plate mounting system. A Fuel Module Upgrade Kit is installed in the factory fuel basket to pull fuel through a factory-style 1/2" bulkhead fitting.

The pressure side connects directly into the side of the P-Pump, bypassing the factory fuel filter housing. The injection pump return is tied into the engine return to eliminate the need for the factory filter head.

The AirDog Air/Vapor return is sent back to the tank through the factory 3/8” suction line once the module is modified.

This is a 165GPH (Gallon Per Hour) fuel system for moderately modified trucks. Check out our installation manual for a list of parts that are included with this kit.

Airdog II-4G Overview

The advanced 4G technology offers protection and performance like never before! Our patented air separation, along with a water separator and fuel filter makes sure your expensive injection system components get all the clean fuel they need.

The AirDog® II-4G also overcomes loss of power due to driving in higher altitudes. The AirDog® II-4G System Improves Engine Performance by eliminating spray pattern disruption due to air entering the system. This allows the engine to keep its designed injection timing which allows a more complete burn of the fuel entering the cylinder. This increases overall engine efficiency across the power and torque range!

All Diesel Engines Need a ‘State of the Art’ Fuel Filtration Delivery System!

The solution for diesel performance is the AirDog ® Fuel Preporator ®. It is the only filtration delivery system that separates air from the fuel, as well as water and particulates. This fuel system maintains the proper pressure flow to the transfer pump, eliminating cavitation and vapor. The Fuel Preporator significantly improves diesel engine performance and is one of a very few aftermarket performance modifications to be CARB certified and approved for sale and use in California.

Certified To Improve the Diesel Engine

The Fuel Preporator’s effectiveness has been proven over millions of truck miles and verified by EPA & CARB Certified Olsen Ecological Laboratory testing under ISO 8178 8 Mode Test criterion. Discover how the patented Fuel Preporator technology can deliver for you:

  • Increase fuel economy. (Extend fuel filter life)
  • Increase torque output. (Enjoy a quieter engine)
  • Improve throttle response. (Enjoy a smoother idle)
  • Reduce exhaust emissions. (Optimize engine performance)

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