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AR6400-16D Archoil AR6400 Diesel Fuel System Cleaner (430ml)

SKU: AR6400-16D
Manufacturer: Archoil
AR6400-D is formulated to clean diesel engines and fuel systems. Use AR6400-D every 5,000 miles or every oil change to maintain a clean diesel fuel system and engine. Treats 12-25 gallons (45-95 litres).

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Mftr. Part# AR6400-16D
UPC 608819243757
Weight (lbs.): 0.80 lbs.
Dimensions: 1.50" x 9.50" x 3.25"

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Product Type Fuel Additive
$27.95 (CAD)
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Archoil's high concentrate fuel system cleaners are designed to restore and maintain maximum performance and fuel economy.

Even a brand new vehicle's performance will decline if not regularly treated with a fuel system and engine cleaner.


  • Optimized for diesel engines
  • Cleans fuel system and injectors
  • Reduces combustion chamber deposits
  • Removes soot deposits from DPF/EGR/Turbo
  • Restores optimum power and fuel efficiency
  • How it Works
  • Clean fuel system and engine

AR6400-D uses PEA detergents to remove gum, varnish and carbon deposits from the fuel system, injectors and engine helping restore power and fuel efficiency.

Break down soot

AR6400-D also helps remove soot build-up from the post combustion systems. Use AR6400-D to prevent or remedy blocked DPF's, dirty EGR systems and stuck wastegates and variable turbochargers, and associated drivability issues.

Increase power and fuel efficiency

Deposits in the fuel system and engine as well as in post combustion systems cause drivability issues and reduce fuel economy and power. Use AR6400-D to refresh your diesel engine's performance.

AR6400-D Usage

Use AR6400-D every 5000 miles or as required. We recommend using AR6200 Fuel Treatment at every fill-up between AR6400-D treatments.

One bottle of AR6400-D treats between 12 and 25 gallons of fuel. Use one bottle per 12 gallons of fuel for deep cleaning.

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