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AR8300-2-14-T Archoil Severe Duty Synthetic Grease (14oz.)

SKU: AR8300-2-14-T
Manufacturer: Archoil
Severe Duty Biodegradable Synthetic Grease (14oz)

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Mftr. Part# AR8300-2-14-T
Weight (lbs.): 1.10 lbs.
Dimensions: 2.30" x 10.00" x 2.80"
$116.50 (CAD)

AR8300 is composed of a dozen nano complex synergistic elements which have been under development for 10 years. The elements are selected for their characteristics, extreme severe loads, and the lowest coefficient of friction in tribology at 0.003. AR8300 forms a ceramic surface tested 5 times harder than the host alloy. This synergistic combination is attracted to friction heat sources and restores worn surface friction zones.

AR8300 is formulated with SiO2, Al203, Fe203, MnO, MgO, CaO, Na2O, and other proprietary elements. The base neat oil is the latest advancement in synthetic oil technology, Durasyn 148, and fumed silica as the thickener, tested as the best delivery combination in severe environments for the complex nanoceramic technology.

AR8300 is a specialty grease surpassing the performance of the most expensive greases in the market including Krytox. When used on curved rail track and wheel flanges it doubles operational service. AR8300 is designed for the severest lubrication challenges.

  • Coefficient of friction is the lowest at 0.003
  • Eliminates corrosion
  • Extremely low water washout at 0.05
  • Grease intervals extended 3-6 times
  • Forms an ionic ceramic bond on metal alloys
  • Extreme temperature of ceramic surface withstands 3500 F
  • Readily biodegradable and non-toxic
  • Eliminates hydrogen embrittlement
  • The highest performance grease available
  • Unsurpassed in vacuum environments
  • Wear is reduced close to 100%

AR8300 is a choice for high performance applications including wind turbines, heavy equipment, competition racing, closed bearing casings, offshore oil rigs, heavy loads, OEM automotive industry, or any high friction and load environment.

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