1030368-V2 BD 68RFE Transmission Electronic PressureLoc - Dodge 2007-2018

2007 - 2018 Dodge 6.7L Cummins
Manufacturer: BD Diesel Performance
Product Details
SKU: BD1030368-V2
Manufacturer part number: 1030368-V2
UPC: 019025018815
Weight (lbs.): 0.7500
Height (in): 1.7500
Length (in): 10.9000
Width (in): 6.8000
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$153.00 (CAD)
  • Progressive pressure increase gives smooth engagements with lower load on the pump at idle
  • Achieve shorter shifts and increased torque capacity without creating low-speed harshness
  • Improved clutch holding capacity for increased durability
  • Delivers 10 psi increase at lower pressure range and 25 psi increase at higher pressure ranges
  • Advance control integrated chip eliminates the occasional error code caused by resistor based devices
  • Easy to install in-line plug module


  • 12-Months
Products specifications
Product Type Transmission Controllers
Transmission Type 68RFE
Products specifications
Product Type Transmission Controllers
Transmission Type 68RFE
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