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1032100 BD Cam Caster Adjuster Kit - Ford 2005-2010

SKU: BD1032100
Manufacturer: BD Diesel Performance
2005 - 2010 Ford 6.0L & 6.4L Powerstroke

PRODUCT DETAILS (click to expand)

Mftr. Part# 1032100
UPC 019025009776
Weight (lbs.): 10.60 lbs.
Dimensions: 4.50" x 7.00" x 7.00"

PRODUCT SPECS (click to expand)

Product Type Cam Caster Adjust Kit
$369.00 (CAD)

BD's Cam Caster Adjustor Kit on the radius control arms of the Ford 2005-2010 Super Duty pick-ups (Diesel or gas), correcting the caster to a more positive angle is made easier.

The Cam Caster Adjustor kit will help prevent a number of potential steering problems and have your rig driving straight again!