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1030395 BD TorqLoc Transmission Control Kit - Dodge 1994-2005 / Ford 1988-2003

1994-2005 Dodge Cummins 5.9L / 1988-2003 Ford Powerstroke 7.3L
Manufacturer: BD Diesel Performance
SKU: BD1030395

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Manufacturer Part#: 1030395
UPC: 019025000360
Weight (lbs.): 2.10 lbs.
Dimensions 2.40" x 10.40" x 8.40"

Product Specifications (click to expand)

Product Type Transmission Controllers
Transmission Type 47RE
Transmission Type 47RH
Transmission Type 48RE
Transmission Type E4OD
Transmission Type 4R100
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$493.00 (CAD)
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You Decide When the Torque Converter Locks or Unlocks for Maximum Control!

Command the torque converter to stay locked, stay unlocked, or revert to OEM settings with the BD TorqLoc. Flip the toggle switch to  position one, and the lock-up clutch is engaged, so transmission temperature remains low and the exhaust brake can work with 100% effectiveness (this is a manual setting and should only be selected under light load/light power conditions, such as highway driving).

Position two reverts back to stock function, or can be wired to unlock the torque converter. Position three acts as an AutoLoc by commanding lock-up only when the exhaust brake is engaged - perfect setting for every day driving in all situations. 

Additionally, the TorqLoc has an Overdrive “inverter” option which allows the transmission to start out in Drive which will prevent upshift into the Overdrive gear - great for those who live in city/urban areas.  Also, if you have a BD Valve Body with the second gear lock-up capability, the lock-up can be set to hold until 5-10 mph.

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