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40463B Bully Dog GTX Programmer Expansion Kit

SKU: BUL40463B
Mftr. Part#: 40463B
Manufacturer: Bully Dog Technologies
Expand the reach of your Bully Dog GTX tuner with the GTX Vehicle Expansion Kit. Tune and monitor an additional vehicle with your head unit and easily transfer between vehicles using the GTX’s magnetic mount system.

If you want to extend the use of your Bully Dog GTX Performance Programmer, then this all-new Bully Dog GTX Expansion Kit is for you.

Expansion Kit Includes:

  • Vehicle Interface Module (VIM)
  • Magnetic cable
  • Suction cup mount
  • OBDII to HDMI cable
  • Does NOT include GTX programming unit (40460B)

Bully Dog understands that you may have more than one vehicle sitting in the garage at home, so if you want both your car and truck to reach peak performance gains whenever you're behind the wheel, than you'll definitely want to be able to use the GTX Performance Programmer in both vehicles.

Bully Dog designed this expansion kit to allow you to monitor an additional compatible vehicle using your existing programmer head unit (sold separately). You'll be able to quickly shift between vehicles thanks to the high-quality magnetic mount system Bully Dog developed, meaning you can just move your programming tool from one vehicle to another!

Once you set everything up with the included OBDII to HDMI cable, your programmer will be able to instantly adapt to whichever vehicle it is in and provide the same excellent support and features you're already used to.

NOTE: A Bully Dog GTX Head Unit is NOT included with the Bully Dog GTX Vehicle Expansion Kit.

Increase horsepower, improved fuel economy and changing top speed limiters are only a few benefits of a Bully Dog tuner for your Cummins truck! Powered by Derive, these Bully Dog Tuners will not only allow you to get some more power out of your engine, but also allow you to view engine stats in live time!