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Edge Products EAS Accessory System Starter Kit

SKU: EDG98602
$52.65 (CAD)
The Edge accessory (EAS) was created with future expandability in mind. The architecture of the EAS allows users to connect multiple accessories (such as temperature/pressure sensors, turbo timer, etc.) via daisy-chain style to Edge's CS/CTS/CS2/CTS2 systems. This kit is the starter cable that is required if you do not have a Juice CS/CTS2.

Edge EAS Dodge 2006-2012 Turbo Timer

SKU: EDG98612
$201.89 (CAD)
2006 - 2012 Dodge Cummins

Edge EAS Pressure Sensor (0-100 psiG)

SKU: EDG98607
$175.49 (CAD)

Edge EAS Universal Sensor Input (5 Volt)

SKU: EDG98605
$201.89 (CAD)

Edge EAS Universal Turbo Timer

SKU: EDG98604
$201.89 (CAD)
Universal (Except 2006-2012 Dodge Applications)

Edge Pyrometer Probe - Expandable w/o Starter Kit

SKU: EDG98611
$133.25 (CAD)
The Edge accessory (EAS) was created with future expandability in mind. The architecture of the EAS allows users to connect multiple accessories daisy-chain style to Edge's CS2/CTS2 products. A starter kit (standard with Juice CS2/CTS2 kits, optional with all others) is required to install this pyrometer.

Edge Pyrometer Probe w/ 15" Lead - Expandable

SKU: EDG98620
$169.95 (CAD)
Edge's EAS Expandable EGT Probe allows you to monitor exhaust gas temperatures with your CS/CTS/CS2/CTS2 product line. The EAS is designed to allow you to add optional expandable accessories from Edge Products such as pressure and temp sensors. This re-designed version of the original EAS Starter Kit EGT Probe, is built with a 15" lead so that the EGT Probe can be easily replaced, or removed without needing to replace the cable or other electronics.

Edge EAS Competition Kit

SKU: EDG98617
$471.17 (CAD)

Edge Products Cummins Unlock Cable - Dodge 2013-2018

SKU: EDG98103
$39.53 (CAD)
2013 - 2017 Dodge 6.7L Cummins

Bully Dog/H&S Replacement Power Cable

SKU: BUL40400-101
$19.95 (CAD)
Replacement power cable that is used for switched power connections. This cable can be used with any Bully Dog, H&S Mini Maxx or Black Maxx tuners.

Bully Dog/H&S OBD-II Block Replacement

SKU: BUL40400-105
$55.00 (CAD)
Replacement OBD-II junction/control box for any Bully Dog, H&S Mini Maxx or Black Maxx tuners.

Bully Dog/H&S HDMI High Speed Data Cable Replacement

SKU: BUL40400-100
$46.95 (CAD)
Replacement high-speed data HDMI cable that is connected between the OBD-II control box and the back of the tuner. This cable can be used with any BullyDog, H&S Mini Maxx or Black Maxx tuners.

Bully Dog Mirror Mate Mounting Kit - GT/Watchdog Tuners

SKU: BUL31600
$48.00 (CAD)
The Mirror-Mate allows you to install the Bully Dog GT or WatchDog just below the rear view mirror for easy access and viewing and a clean look. The custom T-Slot adapter is designed to work specifically with the GT or WatchDog.

Bully Dog Mirror Mate Extension Kit

SKU: BUL40010
$26.50 (CAD)
Used with Bullydog Mirror-Mate Mounting Kits for proper wiring extension

Bully Dog T-slot 2-1/16" Mount Adapter - GT/Watchdog Tuners

SKU: BUL30420
$21.50 (CAD)
This custom mounting piece will allow anyone to mount the GT diesel, the GT gas, or the WatchDog into any standard or custom gauge pod mount that is equip with standard gauge hole sizes of 2-1/16in.

Bully Dog GTX Pod Adapter - for GTX Watchdogs

SKU: BUL30605
$31.95 (CAD)
Enables mounting of GTX Watchdog and gauge tuner to a custom gauge pod mount that is equipped with gauge hole sizes of 2 1/16”. T-slot and optional ball mount design ensure quick and easy installation.

Bully Dog BDX Windshield Mount

SKU: BUL30470
$33.50 (CAD)
Bully Dog's BDX Windshield Mount is not your average device mount. The mount's heavy duty suction cup base securely adheres to windshield glass while 4 ultra-strong neodymium magnets ensure your BDX device stays front-and-center, no matter what terrain you're on.

Edge Universal 2-1/16" Gauge Pillar Adapter

SKU: EDG98004
$33.65 (CAD)
Fits all Edge CS/CTS/CS2/CTS2 products

Edge CTS to CTS2 Display Adapter

SKU: EDG98003
$13.46 (CAD)
Adapts all original CTS-style Edge Attitude monitors to be mountable in CTS2 style dash pod mounts.

Edge CTS2 Display Adapter

SKU: EDG98005
$20.18 (CAD)
Fits All Edge Mounts to Adapt Larger Color Touch Screen Version 2 (CTS2)

BK Universal Edge CS Headliner Mount

SKU: FPCS22013
$31.95 (CAD) $21.66 (CAD)
A universal adapter to mount your Edge CS Attitude tuner/monitor into the headliner of your diesel truck's cab.