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TH590002LB DFC TOW/HAUL SERIES Long Block Engine - Dodge 2000-2002

Manufacturer: DFC Diesel
2000-2002 Dodge Cummins 5.9L 24V - DFC's TOW/HAUL SERIES Engine has all of the upgrades included in their STREET SERIES engines, as well as several enhancements and upgrades which make it perfect for towing, hauling, and performance up to 700HP.

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Mftr. Part# TH590002LB

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Engine Type Long Block
Engine Series Tow/Haul
Includes ARP Head Studs Yes
Max HP (Approx) 700HP



This consists of a $1500 Engine $500 Shipping Crate core charge. For DFC's core credit/return policies, please refer to their FAQ, located HERE.


Please choose the year of your truck. 


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Choose this option to add a brand new OEM oil cooler to your engine build.

$10,049.00 (CAD)
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This engine has ARP Head Studs Pre-Installed


  • Most comprehensive 5-year/160,000km (100,000 mile) warranty in North America.
  • Machined with some of the most advanced ROTTLER machining equipment in North America.
  • Improved gasket sealing methods in common leakage areas.
  • Standard in each engine: ALL NEW pistons, rings, bearings, gaskets, seals, valves, springs, hardened seats, stem seals and cast guides.
  • Cylinder blocks are blueprinted to tighter tolerances than OEM specifications using their Rottler F69 ATC
  • ARP series 2000 head studs
  • Cometic multi-layer steel head gasket
  • COLT CAMS Stage 3 Camshaft
  • 60lb HD Valve Springs
  • DFC HD push rods
  • Bolt-in rear aluminum freeze plug
  • Regulary stocked at the distribution warehouse in Alberta for quick shipment anywhere across Canada.


The DFC Diesel TOW/HAUL SERIES engine comes standard with all of the upgrades found in the STREET SERIES models, as well as several enhancements to make this engine perfect for towing, hauling, and performance applications up to 700HP.


DFC Tow/Haul Engine - Dodge 1994-1998 12V Cummins

Silicone Oil Pan

DFC silicones the oil pans instead of using the factory gasket as they are common to compress and start to sweat prematurely.

Front Cover

The front covers on the Cummins engines use a paper gasket that is known to fall inside of the front gear case - causing significant oil losses and expensive repairs. By utilizing a high quality silicone, DFC is able to prevent this from occurring.

Piston Cooling (2003-2007 Dodges)

The 2003-2007 model engines come upgraded from DFC with additional piston cooling preventing premature piston erosion of the piston crown from failed injectors.


DFC's Rottler equipment allows them to remanufacture the Cummins engine to tighter than OEM specifications resulting in a longer lasting more efficient engine assembly.

Valve Seats

The factory valve seats were only installed with 0.002”-0.003” crush which can allow them to fall out prematurely causing engine failure. DFC's engines have oversized SBI valve seats installed with at least 0.008” crush - eliminating this from occurring.

Valve Springs

Instead of just testing old springs and reusing like most remanufacturers, DFC installs brand new SBI valve springs that are still tested for proper spring pressure on every cylinder head that they remanufacture.


DFC installs new valves from MAHLE/Clevite or SBI in every cylinder head they remanufacture. Most companies will just re-grind and install used again.

Cast Guides

Common industry practice is to check guide clearances and if they are within specification, to not replace them. DFC considers this practice unacceptable and installs new cast SBI guides in every cylinder head they remanufacture.

Core Criteria

Ensuring every engine is built to the same high quality standards as the next one, DFC is very strict on what is remanufactured rejecting components that require considerable "restoring" to acceptable specifications.

Torque Specs

These engines use many torque to yield fasteners that require bolt “stretch” to maintain adequate clamp loads. In addition to not just following the OEM procedures for tightening sequence our assembly technicians record the achieved torque load through use of digital torque wrenches ensuring no fastener will come loose over time.

Weighed Rotating Assemblies

Our production engines are typically matched with near identical weight piston and connecting rod assemblies giving our customers a smoother running and quieter engine.


  • Front Cover (with seal)
  • Rear Cover (w/ main seal)
  • Oil Pan
  • All Internal Components
  • Complete gasket kit for installation
  • Important installation instructions
  • All rocker/pushrods preset to factory specs.
  • Complete top end gasket kit to complete installation.


  • ARP series 2000 head studs
  • Cometic multi-layer steel head gasket
  • Colt Cams Stage 3 Camshaft
  • 60lb HD Valve Springs (1994-1998 Dodge)
  • Hamilton Cams 103lb HD valve Springs (1998.5-2002 Dodge)
  • DFC HD push rods
  • Bolt-in rear aluminum freeze plug


  • Wiring Harness/sensors
  • Motor mounts
  • Harmonic Balancer
  • Oil Cooler
  • Injectors
  • Pulleys or Belts
  • Injection Pump
  • Valve Covers
  • Exhaust Manifold
  • Turbocharger
  • Water Pump
  • Flexplate / Flywheel
Dodge Cummins 12V Diesel Motor - 1994-1998 
Oil Cooler

Highly recommended to replace it but MANDATORY if your engine had a bearing failure.


Recommended to be replaced if the engine had in excess of 160,000km (100,000mi) but MANDATORY IF:

  • The engine cut a hole in or melted a piston,
  • The truck had contaminated fuel,
  • If you are not going to test your old injectors before re-installation.

Recommended to be replaced if in excess of 200,000km (125,000mi) but MANDATORY IF:

  • Engine had debris go through cylinders,
  • Turbocharger shaft has end play,
  • Engine was dusted.
Water Pump

Recommended to replace it - especially if the engine had in excess of 200,000km (125,000 mi).

Evans Waterless Coolant

Upgrade to waterless coolant for:

  • Increased reliability
  • Prevent corrosion & boil over
  • Improve engine performance