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Fuel Injection System Testing ($75)

Your light duty truck's fuel injection system is the backbone of your diesel engine. There are many variables that play a role like mileage, maintenance, temperature, fuel condition, and age just to name a few. One of the biggest factors contributing to reduced injector and pump life is Low Sulfur Diesel. LSD fuel is safer for the environment but is very dry and reduces diesel fuel's lubricity. There are great additives available to add lubricity safely back into diesel fuel, Stanadyne and Archoil are the top brands we use.

When should you have your fuel injectors, high pressure and low-pressure fuel pumps tested?

  • No-start or hard-start cold
  • No-start or hard-start Hot
  • Stalls while driving, restarts after sitting/cooling
  • Engine misfire, hesitation, or low power
  • Poor or worsening fuel mileage
  • Diesel emission system frequent regeneration cycles
  • Exhaust smoke or hazing on cold starts
  • Exhaust smoke or hazing on hot starts
  • Fuel odor on hot or cold starts
  • Fuel odor in cab while driving or sitting at a stop

At BC Diesel we have the training and experience to precisely diagnose and repair or upgrade your diesel fuel system the first time. With one of Canada's largest inventories of diesel truck parts from big name brands like Bosch, Alliant, Pure Power and Motorcraft we can offer higher quality repairs... or upgrades with out the wait. Check out our popular Shop-By-Truck feature to shop Fuel Systems & Upgrades specific to your truck!

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