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HK-1002 FASS High Output Electric Heater Disk Kit

Manufacturer: FASS Fuel Systems
FASS's new electric heater installs easily on your Titanium Fuel System, and prevents fuel gelling in cold environments by automatically heating incoming fuel when temperatures dip below 34°F.

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Product Type Electric Heater Kit
$199.39 (CAD)
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When the fuel temperature drops below 34°F, the thermostatically controlled High Output Fuel Heater Disk will automatically power on. Fuel is then heated by the 300 watt heating element as the fuel is entering the FASS System, preventing gelling of the diesel fuel in the FASS filters.

As the FASS continually polishes the fuel it will heat the fuel in the fuel tank, further preventing gelling. Once the fuel reaches optimal temperature the High Output Heater Disk will automatically power off, eliminating the possibility of overheating the diesel fuel.

FASS's new electric heater installs easily on the Fuel Particulate Filter side of your FASS Fuel System.

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