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TSC13180F140G FASS Titanium Signature Series Lift Pump - 140GPH - GM 2017-2019 L5P

Mftr. Part#: TSC13180F140G
Manufacturer: FASS Fuel Systems
2017-2019 GM Duramax 6.6L L5P - Rated at 140 gallons per hour @ 70-75psi, you will find this pump is designed for a high performance vehicle that has large fuel demands (up to 500HP). Comes backed by a limited lifetime warranty. Aftermarket tuning required!

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Mftr. Part#TSC13180F140G
Weight (lbs.):30.80 lbs.
Dimensions:11.50" x 18.00" x 14.00"


  • New Whisper Technology
  • Complete Replacement Pump
  • 140 Gallons Per Hour Flow Rating
  • Removes Water, Air and Debris From Diesel Fuel
  • 2 Micron Filtration Rating
  • Protects and Extends The Life Of Your Injectors
  • Improved Cold Weather Starts
  • Decreases Carbon Monoxide and Carbon Dioxide Emissions
  • 1/2"┬áInch Fuel Lines and Ports
  • Fuel Mileage Improvement
  • Improved Fuel Volume Delivery
  • Smoother Engine Idle
  • Optional Electric Heater Ports\
  • Optional Fuel Pressure Gauge Port
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • 30,000 Mile Filter Life Expectancy
  • Quietest Motor On The Market


WARNING! This system is designed for the 2017-2019 L5P Duramax WITH AFTERMARKET TUNING!! If the truck is not equipped with an aftermarket tune and the ability to delete specific codes, the vehicle will have a MIL after the FASS installation. Consult with your calibration supplier prior to the FASS installation to confirm they are able to delete specific diagnostic codes.

The Titanium Signature Series diesel fuel systems are the superior fuel pump and filtration system, in the diesel industry. This is because here at FASS Diesel Fuel Systems we focus on perfecting our pumps and how they are engineered, taking the extra steps that our competitors ignore while they rush to get product out the door. By doing this we have less than a 2% failure rating with our motor and a design that implements unique design features you can only get with FASS Diesel Fuel Systems.