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Titan 52 Gallon Mid-Ship Fuel Tank - Dodge 2006-2012 MC/SB

SKU: TFT7030206
$1,853.50 CAD
2006-2012 Dodge Cummins 5.9/6.7L Mega Cab w/Short Box - 52 Gallon, extra heavy duty, cross-linked polyethylene fuel tank. Comes complete with powder-coated or plated steel mounting strap support set, extruded rubber mounting bushings, rollover safety vent valve, shims and needed accessories.

Titan 50 Gallon Super Series Mid-Ship Fuel Tank - Dodge 2013-2019 MC/SB

SKU: TFT7030213
$1,668.00 CAD
2013-2019 Dodge Cummins 6.7L Mega Cab w/ Short Box - 50 Gallon extra heavy duty military grade, cross-linked polyethylene fuel tank. For vehicles with DEF systems. Tank features 1/4” wall thickness, and comes complete with galvanized steel mounting straps, mounting bushings, rollover safety vent valves, and needed accessories.

Titan Front "S" Support - Dodge 2006-2012 MC/SB

SKU: TFT0299003
$105.50 CAD
2006-2012 Dodge 6.7L Cummins w/ Mega Cab & Short Box - Required for trucks installing a Titan Fuel Tank which DO NOT have the factory skid plate beneath the transmission. This kit will support the front of the tank once installed.

Titan Tank Adaption Kit - Dodge 2006-2012 MC/SB

SKU: TFT0299001
$78.80 CAD
2006-2012 Dodge 5.9/6.7L Cummins w/ Mega Cab & Short Box, and 2008-2010 Ford Powrstroke F450 w/ Long Bed. Allows for proper support of Titan Fuel Tanks.

Titan Custom Shield for 7030213 Fuel Tank - Dodge 2013-2019 MC/SB

SKU: TFT0299014
$369.70 CAD
2013-2019 Dodge 6.7L Cummins w/ Mega Cab and Short Box. Custom Shield for the 50 gallon 7030213 fuel tank.