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Sinister Diesel Regulated Fuel Return Kit - Ford 1999-2003

$915.55 (CAD)
Sinister Diesel's regulated fuel return kit for your 1999-2003 Ford Powerstroke 7.3L completely replaces the factory fuel filter bowl with a 10 Micron filter, allowing you to upgrade your fuel system with a strong high-flow fuel line and a 6 micron canister style fuel filter that integrates right into your factory fuel lines.

Sinister Diesel Regulated Fuel Return Kit - Ford 2003-2007

$916.60 (CAD)
Sinister Diesel's Regulated Return Line Kit for 2003-2007 Ford Powerstroke diesels comes with an adjustable fuel regulator and fuel pressure gauge to help you adjust and monitor constant fuel pressure to prolong the life of your injectors while getting the power levels you need.