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Rear Differential Service ($189)

One of the most overlooked, preventative services we see along with the front differential and transfer case. These are high wear, moving components subject to heat and stress resulting from heavy loads. When the fluids lubricity breaks down or is contaminated the internal gears and bearings will fail resulting in costly repairs. If left too long damage will quickly progress, possibly damaging the entire axle assembly.

  • Check Rear Differential for Seal Leaks
  • Drain Rear Differential Fluid & Flush
  • Check For Material or Metal Debris
  • Inspect Ring Gear and Pinion Mesh Pattern
  • Refill With OEM Specified Fluids
  • Add Friction Modifier (where applicable, price may vary)
  • Road Test & Recheck

*Plus Enviro Fee $2.95

How about free installation of a high-quality BD Diesel, Aluminum Rear Differential Cover? 100 percent overlap labour with your next differential service! Check out our popular Shop-By-Truck feature to shop our full line of driveline upgrades. We stock all the major brands.... XDP, BD Diesel, Mag Hytec and much more!

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