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CSP5-PASS SoCal Diesel CSP5 Switch - Pass Through - Dodge 2006-2016

Mftr. Part#: CSP5-PASS
Manufacturers: SoCal Diesel , RaceME
Control your RaceME Ultra, EFILive, or other compatible modules connected to your 2006-2016 Dodge Cummins truck with SoCal Diesel's CSP5 (Cummins Switchable Tuning - 5 power levels) switch. The pass through style configuration allows you to connect other OBD-II-based products while still maintaining use of the CSP5 switch.

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(The pass through OBDII connector allows other devices to be used simultaneously with the CSP5 switch).

CSP5, EFILive's custom operating system for the Cummins CM2200 and CM2350B ECM's allows customers to switch 'on the fly' between a number of different tunes, all stored in the ECM's flash memory.  By having multiple tunes instantly accessible, customers no longer need to re-flash their ECM to change their tunes to suit changing conditions (e.g. racing, towing or power limiting). Simply build up your tunes, flash the ECM once and then select your desired tune using the SoCal Diesel CSP5 switch.


Do not flash through the CSP5 Pass through connector.
The CSP5 switch must be unplugged in order to read and write to the ECM.
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