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CP4-6.7F-BP-G2.1-RFA S&S Diesel CP4 Bypass Return Filter Assembly - Ford 6.7L Powerstroke 2011-2022

Mftr. Part#: CP4-6.7F-BP-G2.1-RFA
Manufacturer: S&S Diesel
The S&S Diesel Bypass Return Filter Assembly for use with S&S Diesel Gen1 Disaster Prevention Bypass Kit.

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Mftr. Part#CP4-6.7F-BP-G2.1-RFA
Weight (lbs.):4.00 lbs.
Dimensions:4.00" x 16.00" x 9.00"

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Attribute nameAttribute value
Truck Type/ModelFord
Product TypeCP4 Disaster Prevention Bypass
BrandS&S Diesel


The S&S Diesel Bypass Return Filter Assembly can be used to upgrade the first-generation bypass kit on your truck. Ideal for those looking to significantly improve the debris management of their first-generation kit. The main task of both kits is to supply the CP4 case and the metering unit/plungers independently with clean, filtered fuel and to reroute case fuel back to the tank. The Gen2.1 features a billet return filter head that accepts a Donaldson P550943 spin-on fuel filter which prevents debris from reaching the tank, fuel lines and supply pump. This return filter assembly lets you easily upgrade your existing S&S Gen1 kit and take advantage of the Gen2.1 improvements.


  • New and improved Gen2.1 Disaster Prevention Kit
  • Safeguards fuel injectors, rails, lines, and tank from CP4 debris
  • All OE-style quick connects (easy install)
  • Fuel supply split-off 25" away from the CP4 pump
  • Return filter isolates CP4 debris before it goes on to the tank
  • Gen2.1 billet filter head accepts standard spin-on fuel filters
  • Comes with Donaldson P550943 fuel filter
  • Improves CP4 output past 3,000 RPM
  • Can extend the range of a truck during a CP4 failure
  • Fits F250/350/450/550 pickups