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1180401 TS Performance 6 Position Performance Chip - Ford 1995-2003

SKU: TSP1180401
Manufacturer: TS Performance
Availability: Out of stock
Need more horsepower for your 1995 - 2003 Ford 7.3L Powerstroke but on a budget? Consider the TS Performance 6-Position chip - easy install and immediate results! Choose from 50-140+ programs as well as high idle, anti-theft, valet mode & stock - all controllable with a switch mounted on your dashboard.

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Product Type Performance Chip/Tuner
Delivery date: Temporarily Unavailable (From Manufacturer)



Please choose the year of your truck. 


Please choose your transmission type (automatic or manual/standard)


Please enter the manufacturing date from your truck (It is located on a white sticker on the inside of the drivers door jamb). This is only required for 1999 Ford Powerstrokes.


Choose your program for Chip Position 1


Choose your program for Chip Position 2


Choose your program for Chip Position 3


Choose your program for Chip Position 4


Choose your program for Chip Position 5


Choose your program for Chip Position 6

$429.00 (CAD)

These chips have 6 positions available to program. Your choice of programs are Stock, High Idle, Valet, Anti-Theft, 50hp, 75hp, 100hp, and 140+ Extreme.

Chip FAQ's

Will I notice a difference in power?

  • Yes, the power you feel will be immediate.

Does the TS Performance chip make changes to an automatic transmission?

  • Not only does the addition of the chip increase power and torque but it also firms up the shift points. Firmer shifting that will allow your truck to slip into gear not slam into gear.

Are the TS Performance chips difficult to install?

  • The four bank chip is easy and simple to install. It simply slides into your computer for a secure fit. No taping required. Our step by step instructions are sent out with your chip purchase.

What information needs to be provided to TS Performance for a chip order?

  • The year of your vehicle (for example: early '99 or late '99). It is not necessary to provide a truck code. 

What are the advantages of installing a TS 4 bank chip over other brands?

  • The TS 4-bank chip does not leave the 605 computer code in your PCM that can be detected.
  • If your computer is reflashed by the dealer no need to worry. This chip operates off all four pages of the computer. Simply plug your chip back in and your power is there. 

Can I expect better fuel mileage with the TS Performance chip?

  • With all the TS Performance horsepower chips in almost all cases a 2-4 mpg increase has been reported. This of course will depend on the user's driving habits.

What type of performance gains will i receive with the TS Performance chip?

  • TS Performance 50 hp - 50 to your rear wheels
  • TS Performance 75 hp - 75 to your rear wheels
  • TS Performance 100hp - 100hp to your rear wheels
  • TS Performance 140hp+ extreme - over 140hp to your rear wheels

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