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4046837-R Turbo Charger - REMAN OEM Factory - Dodge 2007.5-2012

SKU: P-4046837-R
Manufacturer: BC Diesel
This Remanufactured factory drop-in turbocharger fits your 2007-2012 Dodge Cummins 6.7L 2500-5500 diesel truck. A $500 Refundable Core Charge will apply.

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Mftr. Part# 4046837-R

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Product Type Turbocharger
Turbo Count Single
Condition Remanufactured
HP Rating Stock



Since this is a remanufactured product, a temporary "core charge" is added up front until we receive your original unit back. Once received and inspected, the charge will be reversed back to you. The core charge will be added to the price below. (Required)

$2,195.00 (CAD)


These reman turbochargers are completely cleaned and repaired with brand new internals (journal bearings, thrust bearings, collars, piston rings, seals and o-rings).

The turbine shaft is ground and the bearing housing is honed, and if needed – oversized journal bearings are used. All turbocharger assemblys are balanced and any part of the VGT system that has failed has been replaced (ie: cage, unison ring, cross shaft, etc).

Remanufactured turbo for 2007.5-2012 Dodge 6.7L – Comes with BRAND NEW electronic actuator.

Warranty - 1 year/20,000km