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1046604 BD Diesel Compound Add-A-Turbo Install Kit Only - GM 2011-2016

SKU: BD1046604
Référence fabricant: 1046604
UPC: 019025021037
Safely support up to 500HP with cooler EGT's and quicker spool-up with BD Diesel's Add-A-Turbo Install Kit for your 2011-2016 GMC/Chevy Duramax 6.6L LML diesel pickup. This kit allows you keep the OEM VGT turbocharger in place, retaining the exhaust brake function. Includes cold air intake and passenger side up-pipe. A T6-flange Borgwarner S400-SX series turbocharger is required to install this kit - no turbocharger is included.

Détails du Produit (cliquez pour afficher)

Référence fabricant 1046604
UPC 019025021037
Poids (livres): 72,50 lbs.
Dimensions: 24,00" x 24,00" x 24,00"

Spécifications produits

Attribute name Attribute value
Type de produit Turbocompresseur
Max HP (Approx) 500HP
Race Tuning Required Yes


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BD's Compound Add-A-Turbo Kit for the Chevy Duramax LML is a great upgrade for drivers wanting a reliable 500hp truck but still keep stock turbo spool, the ability to tow heavy loads, and, maintain safe EGT's.

The factory Variable Geometry Turbo (VGT) retains the use of the stock exhaust brake and rapid turbo spool while the addition of the BorgWarner S475 turbo supplies the extra air needed for higher performance (turbo not included with this kit).

The clean install retains an enclosed cold air intake, dual aluminum coolant tank/overflow tank, and, the passenger side battery in the engine bay.

The kit includes a BD passenger side up-pipe, PCV system, rotomolded MAF/humidity sensor intake, 5-inch air filter, 3-inch CNC ported hot pipe, O-ring sealed v-bands, silicone molded coolant lines, 4-inch downpipe that does not require cutting of the fender liner, and, everything needed for an easy install.


  • Install kit only - T6 flange Borg Warner S400 SX turbo required (no turbo comes with this kit)
  • 500hp with programmer
  • Cooler EGT's & quicker spool
  • Keeps the VGT factory turbo in place with factory brake applications
  • Clean install
  • Aluminum coolant tank includes sensor and OEM style expansion tank
  • Enclosed cold air intake
  • Includes BD passenger side Uppipe
  • Keeps the battery in the engine bay
  • Retains PCV system
  • Includes Turbine Blanket

Warranty - Parts

  • 12-Months