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DD-73L-DIPSTICK Driven Diesel Engine Oil Dipstick Adapter Repair Kit - Ford 7.3L Powerstroke 1994-2003

Référence fabricant: DD-73L-DIPSTICK
Fabricant: Driven Diesel
Repair the oh so often leaking oil pan in your Ford 7.3L Powerstroke diesel truck with the Driven Diesel engine oil dipstick adapter repair kit.

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Référence fabricant DD-73L-DIPSTICK

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Truck Type/Model Ford
Brand Driven Diesel


As your pickup gets older oil pan leaks get more common, one of the most frequent sources of oil pan leaks is from the factory dipstick adapter in the side of the pan. This kit eliminates the stock dipstick adapter replacing it with a new machined aluminum adapter that features a double o-ring seal on the outside of the oil pan. This kit can be installed with the oil pan still on the truck to make for an easy install! 


  • Stainless steel screws 
  • Copper sealing washers 
  • T6061 billet aluminum adapter 
  • Machined steel backing plate/brace
  • Double o-ring set for a positive seal 
  • Installs quickly and easily