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Edge Insight CS2 Digital Gauge Monitoring System - Color Screen

Edge Products' award winning digital gauge monitor. Easy to install, and is designed for most diesel equipped Ford Powerstroke, Dodge Cummins and GMC/Chevy Duramax trucks equipped with an OBD-II diagnostic port. Now supports 2017.5+ Duramax L5P engines! For the touch screen version of the Insight, check out the INSIGHT CTS2 (P/N# EDG84130).
$395.93 (CAD)

Edge Insight CTS2 - Écran tactile couleur

Convient à tous les camions Ford, Dodge et GM équipés de moteurs diesel
$567.53 (CAD)

Edge CS2/CTS2 Pillar Mount - Dodge 2010-2018

Mount your Edge CS/CTS/CS2/CTS2 Attitude monitor with this custom made dash mount for your 2010-2018 Dodge 6.7L Cummins diesel!
$87.46 (CAD)

Edge Pyrometer Probe - Expandable w/o Starter Kit

The Edge accessory (EAS) was created with future expandability in mind. The architecture of the EAS allows users to connect multiple accessories daisy-chain style to Edge's CS2/CTS2 products. A starter kit (standard with Juice CS2/CTS2 kits, optional with all others) is required to install this pyrometer.
$133.25 (CAD)

Edge Pyrometer Probe w/ 15" Lead - Expandable

Edge's EAS Expandable EGT Probe allows you to monitor exhaust gas temperatures with your CS/CTS/CS2/CTS2 product line. The EAS is designed to allow you to add optional expandable accessories from Edge Products such as pressure and temp sensors. This re-designed version of the original EAS Starter Kit EGT Probe, is built with a 15" lead so that the EGT Probe can be easily replaced, or removed without needing to replace the cable or other electronics.
$158.33 (CAD)

EZ LYNK Auto Agent 2 Diagnostic Tool - Dodge/Ford/Duramax

EZ Lynk's Auto Agent 2 is a futuristic diagnostic tool that uses Cloud based technology to wirelessly share your vehicle data with your technician with just the tap of a finger. More details coming soon!
$649.00 (CAD)

BullyDog Sensor Docking Station w/ Pyrometer

Monitor your EGT/Pyro temps with BullyDog’s Sensor Docking Station. Pyro probe included. Also compatible with H&S Mini Maxx tuners.
$213.00 (CAD)

Bullydog GTX Pod Adapter - for GTX Watchdogs

Fits Bullydog GTX Watchdogs
$31.95 (CAD)

Bully Dog Unlock Cable - Dodge 2013-2018

2013 - 2018 Dodge 6.7L Cummins
$70.00 (CAD)

RaceMe Ultra - Capteur EGT

Il s'agit d'une sonde de thermocouple pyromètre de remplacement pour le tuner RaceME Ultra, qui s'adapte sur les camions Cummins Dodge 6.7L 2007.5 - 2015.
$225.00 (CAD)

Edge CTS to CTS2 Display Adapter

Adapts all original CTS-style Edge Attitude monitors to be mountable in CTS2 style dash pod mounts.
$13.46 (CAD)

Edge CTS2 Display Adapter

Fits All Edge Mounts to Adapt Larger Color Touch Screen Version 2 (CTS2)
$20.18 (CAD)

Bullydog BDX Windshield Mount

Universal - Fits all Bullydog BDX modules.
$33.50 (CAD)

Edge Universal 2-1/16" Gauge Pillar Adapter

Fits all Edge CS/CTS/CS2/CTS2 products
$33.65 (CAD)

Bullydog Mirror-Mate Extension Kit

Used with Bullydog Mirror-Mate Mounting Kits for proper wiring extension
$26.50 (CAD)

Bullydog Mirror-Mate Mounting Kit

Works with all Bullydog GT/Watchdog Series Tuners for Ford & Dodge Trucks
$48.00 (CAD)