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Edge Insight CS2 Digital Gauge Monitoring System - Color Screen

Edge Products' award winning digital gauge monitor. Easy to install, and is designed for most diesel equipped Ford Powerstroke, Dodge Cummins and GMC/Chevy Duramax trucks equipped with an OBD-II diagnostic port. Now supports 2017.5+ Duramax L5P engines! For the touch screen version of the Insight, check out the INSIGHT CTS2 (P/N# EDG84130).
$395.93 (CAD)

Edge Insight CTS2 - Écran tactile couleur

Convient à tous les camions Ford, Dodge et GM équipés de moteurs diesel
$567.53 (CAD)

Edge CS2/CTS2 Dash Mount - Dodge 1998.5-2002

Mount your Edge CS/CTS/CS2/CTS2 Attitude monitor with this custom made dash mount for your 1998.5 - 2002 Dodge 5.9L Cummins diesel!
$67.28 (CAD)

Edge Pyrometer Probe w/ 15" Lead - Expandable

Edge's EAS Expandable EGT Probe allows you to monitor exhaust gas temperatures with your CS/CTS/CS2/CTS2 product line. The EAS is designed to allow you to add optional expandable accessories from Edge Products such as pressure and temp sensors. This re-designed version of the original EAS Starter Kit EGT Probe, is built with a 15" lead so that the EGT Probe can be easily replaced, or removed without needing to replace the cable or other electronics.
$158.33 (CAD)

Smarty Touch EGT Sensor - Dodge 1998.5-2012

This is a replacement pyrometers thermocouple probe for the Smarty SG2 Touch - used on 1998.5 - 2012 Dodge 5.9L & 6.7L Cummins trucks.
$179.00 (CAD)

Edge CTS/CTS2 Back Up Camera

Edge Products' backup camera is designed to work with their CTS/CTS2 monitors which have a built-in video port allowing you to connect Edge's state-of-the-art back-up camera. The CTS/CTS2's high resolution color screen allows users to easily see what's going on behind them. This back-up camera option is a must have for towers and safety-conscious drivers.
$310.13 (CAD)

Edge Universal 2-1/16" Gauge Pillar Adapter

Fits all Edge CS/CTS/CS2/CTS2 products
$33.65 (CAD)

Edge Products EAS Accessory System Starter Kit

The Edge accessory (EAS) was created with future expandability in mind. The architecture of the EAS allows users to connect multiple accessories (such as temperature/pressure sensors, turbo timer, etc.) via daisy-chain style to Edge's CS/CTS/CS2/CTS2 systems. This kit is the starter cable that is required if you do not have a Juice CS/CTS2.
$52.65 (CAD)

Edge EAS Universal Turbo Timer

Universal (Except 2006-2012 Dodge Applications)
$201.89 (CAD)

Edge EAS Pressure Sensor (0-100 psiG)

$175.49 (CAD)

Edge EAS Competition Kit

$471.17 (CAD)

Edge Pyrometer Probe - Expandable w/o Starter Kit

The Edge accessory (EAS) was created with future expandability in mind. The architecture of the EAS allows users to connect multiple accessories daisy-chain style to Edge's CS2/CTS2 products. A starter kit (standard with Juice CS2/CTS2 kits, optional with all others) is required to install this pyrometer.
$133.25 (CAD)

BullyDog Replacement EGT Thermocouple Probe - Type K

Replacement pyrometer thermocouple probe - compatible with Bullydog Triple Dog GT Diesel, Triple Dog GT Gas, WatchDog, PMT and the Outlook monitor. Can also work with the new-style Bullydog Sensor Docking Stations as well as H&S Mini Maxx and Black Maxx EGT systems - see info inside.
$109.99 (CAD) $53.91 (CAD)

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