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RPTS-1010 FASS Titanium Signature Series Replacement Pump - 290GPH LP / 240GPH HP (Gallon Per Hour)

Référence fabricant: RPTS-1010
Fabricant: FASS Fuel Systems
FASS Fuel Systems replacement pump for your Titanium Series lift pump, 290 Gallon per hour on a low pressure system and 240 Gallon per hour on a high pressure. This pump will fit directly into your titanium series lift pump kit.

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Référence fabricant RPTS-1010

Spécifications produits

Attribute name Attribute value
Brand FASS Fuel Systems
Truck Type/Model Universal
Type de produit Pompe d'alimentation en carburant diesel


FASS Fuel Systems replacement 290/220 GPH pump, EM-1002 w/.750 gear. Truck down while you're waiting for your warranty to be approved and need it up and running asap? Grab a replacement pump for your FASS lift kit. FASS' lift pumps are designed to deliver the best performance in an aftermarket filtration system in the diesel world today. The Titanium Series features an improved rating of 3 microns giving your truck the cleanest fuel possible. 


  • Direct replacement pump
  • 290 on a low pressure system and 250 on a high pressure GPH (Gallon Per Hour) 
  • EM-1002 w/.750 gear (Requires 30AMP Fuse)