Flo-Pro 5" x 23" Aluminized Muffler - Fiberglass Packed Style

This heavy duty aluminized fiberglass packed style muffler from Flo~Pro fits most 5" exhaust systems.
Fabricant: FloPro Exhaust
SKU: FP6196
Référence fabricant: 6196
UPC: 842974001603


  • 5" Inlet
  • 5" Outlet
  • 8" Round
  • 23" Muffler Length
  • 29" Overall Length
  • Aluminized
  • Perforated Core

Q. What's the difference between a fiberglass packed and baffle style muffler? 

A. A fiberglass unit will have a straight through single tube core that is either louvered or pierced. The louvers are a raised cone shaped scoops on the core pipe. The Pierced core pipe is smooth but filled with lots of little holes. Both work the same for sound and performance purposes. This center core is then wrapped in a steel wool type matting and then the fiber matting. The complete core assembly is then installed into the muffler body and end caps are added on. The sound from a fiberglass unit is generally a more performance orientated note and generally, (depending on application) will be a smoother sound.

A baffle style muffler will still have a straight through core tube and this tube will have louvered sections.  This tube is generally split in the center into two pieces leaving a space between the two halves which travel from the end caps and then through a set of center plates. This style of muffler has zero packing inside and instead by having the center plates this creates 3 distinct chambers inside the body of the muffler. These chambers, although not filled with any fiberglass, will hold sound and reduce the frequency of the exhaust note which is why a baffle style unit of the same size will be quieter than a fiberglass unit. Although this type of muffler will generally be quieter, the note will tend to be just a little choppier, or “less smooth” but the trade off is less volume overall. Also, it should be noted that the smooth/choppy comparison is something that most people will not even notice unless they are the type that can tell the difference or if it is a super high horsepower application. 

Short answers,

A fiberglass unit will have a more performance-based sound but will be louder.

A baffle pack unit will still have a throaty sound, but it will be milder in comparison. 


Q. What's the difference between a FP6185 and a FP6195?

A. Length is the only difference. The FP6185 is a bit shorter which can be easier to fit into some applications. When compared side by side, as is with any muffler combinations, the longer unit will be quieter.

FP6185 - louder than FP6195

FP6186 – louder than FP6196


Q. Where does the Twister Resonator fit on the scale? 

A. A twister is primarily designed to settle turbulence in the air flow of your exhaust. The air coming out of your turbo is moving in a swirling direction caused by the turbo itself. As the air travels down your turbo pipe and then changes direction to the horizontal portion of the exhaust, that swirl is interrupted, and a substantial amount of turbulence is introduced to the airflow. It is this turbulence that causes interior drone. By installing a Twister as far forward in the system as possible, you will correct the airflow back to a more natural swirling effect and thus reducing the cab drone.  A twister can be installed anywhere in the exhaust but the closer to the downpipe the more noticeable the change will be. When used by itself, as the only muffler on an exhaust, you will get reduced interior noise, but the exterior volume will be almost as loud as a straight pipe with no muffler. When used as a muffler replacement on smaller applications, cars and smaller trucks, the twister will have a similar effect for interior noise but when used as the only muffler it will be a loud application. Originally the twister was designed as a bare minimum muffler for most racetrack requirements while keeping the driver a little happier inside. 

For customers looking for the quietest option possible while still removing the stock components then a combination of a chambered muffler like the FP6192 or the even longer FP8990 for exterior volume and a twister for interior noise is the best overall combination.

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