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121005 H&S Motorsports Billet Oil Pressure Regulator - Ford 2011-2019

SKU: HSM121005
Référence fabricant: 121005
Fabricant: H&S Motorsports
Avoid rod bearing failure when adding performance enhancing modifications to your 2011-2019 Ford Powerstroke 6.7L with H&S Motorsports' Billet Oil Pressure Regulator.

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Référence fabricant 121005
Poids (livres): 2,00 lbs.

Rod bearing failure has become a common issue on all years of the 6.7L Ford PowerStroke platform, especially on high horsepower applications (600+ HP). After doing some research with multiple engines, we discovered that the factory 6.7L PowerStroke oil pressure regulator can be extremely inconsistent and in some cases only allows around 38-40 PSI of oil pressure under high load / high RPM conditions.

While this may be okay with a completely stock engine, it is simply not enough for ANY engine that is producing more than the factory rated horsepower. The installation of additional turbochargers can also compound the oil supply issues because they utilize the engine oil supply for lubrication and cooling.

Our solution is a direct replacement billet oil pressure regulator assembly that allows higher oil pressures under high load / high RPM conditions (typically 60-80 PSI depending on bearing tolerances). This is a must-have for ANYONE that is building a 6.7L PowerStroke engine. It will help extend the life of the engine and ultimately protect your investment.

Note: Cannot be installed without engine removal and should be installed by a professional.

Kit Contents

  • 1 - HSM Billet Oil Pressure Regulator Assembly
  • 8 - ARP Installation Hardware