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MMHOSE-F2D-11 Mishimoto Silicone Coolant Hose Kit - Ford 2011-2016

Référence fabricant: MMHOSE-F2D-11
Fabricant: Mishimoto
Replace the unreliable OEM rubber coolant hoses with Mishimoto's heavy duty silicone hoses. Available in black, blue, and red colours, these hoses offer quick-disconnect-style fittings, and can handle increased pressure and temperature tolerances to keep your 2011-2016 Ford Powerstroke 6.7L running cool and trouble-free.

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Référence fabricant MMHOSE-F2D-11
Poids (livres): 16,00 lbs.
Dimensions: 6,00" x 19,00" x 7,00"

Spécifications produits

Attribute name Attribute value
Type de produit Coolant Hose/Line Kit



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  • Direct fit for the 2011–2016 Ford 6.7L Powerstroke
  • Constructed from high-grade silicone with heat-resistant embedded fibers for superior heat and pressure tolerance
  • Includes stock style CNC quick-disconnect fittings for a fast and easy install to stock or Mishimoto radiator
  • Couplers come pre-installed onto hoses with worm-gear clamps and spring clips for easy install
  • Perfect upgrade to the stock rubber hoses
  • Available in Black, Blue, or Red
  • Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty

Mishimoto engineers know you love your Ford, which is why they've developed a silicone coolant hose kit for your 2011–2016 Ford 6.7L Powerstroke. 

Mishimoto coolant hoses are constructed from a combination of high-grade silicone and heat-resistant embedded fibers for an extremely durable and rugged hose. These hoses offer increased pressure and temperature tolerance over the stock rubber hoses for greater reliability and longevity. Meticulously engineered to be direct-fit, these hoses include stock style quick-disconnect fittings for a fast and pain-free installation. 

Mishimoto Powestroke coolant hoses, like all of their Powerstroke performance parts, includes the Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty. Whether your Ford is stock or modified, trust Mishimoto and their line of Powerstroke performance parts to keep your Powerstroke cool.