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MM3 Power

The MM3 is based on the Smarty Touch hardware platform, but the similarities end there. MM3 is dedicated to the custom tuning market and the professional tuner. The MM3 can be considered an “Open Tuning Platform”. It comes “blank”, meaning it has no tuning software installed. It has it’s firmware, all drivers, communication protocols, ECM unlocks, human interface, Real Time capability, etc. installed. It is designed to be able to load tuning software files from the UDC Pro and from a variety of different tuning softwares.

Upon request from the manufacturers of the tuning softwares, it can be easily adapted to load tuning files in any format. Given that the MM3 is a blank unit, ANY performance tuning HAS to come from a professional tuner. Simply put, the tuners build the performance software and the MM3 allows the tuner to get his software into the ECM. All working principles like, get stock file, send files, ECM files, Real Time Group, and Real Time Parameters are the same as with a Smarty Touch.