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68492577AA Mopar OEM Intake Manifold - Dodge EcoDiesel

SKU: 68492577AA
Référence fabricant: 68492577AA
Fabricant: Mopar
2014-2018 Dodge Ram 1500 3.0L EcoDiesel - Mopar's OEM factory replacement intake manifold.

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Référence fabricant 68492577AA

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Type de produit Intake Manifold




Do you need to replace your damaged and/or burnt intake manifold? You're not alone. The cause of this is the factory EGR Valve recirculating hot exhaust gases back into to your intake manifold to be burnt again.

This causes high levels of soot to build up in your intake manifold and over time, the EGR  temperatures can start to catch the soot build up on fire and burn/melt the plastic intake manifold from the inside out. A symptom of this is your truck throwing low boost codes.