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XD398 XDP X-Tra Cool Transmission Oil Cooler W/ Fan

SKU: XD398
Référence fabricant: XD398
Extend the life of your transmission with the universal XDP X-Tra Cool Transmission Oil Cooler with Fan.

Spécifications produits

Attribute name Attribute value
Type de produit Transmission Cooler
Brand XDP (Xtreme Diesel Performance)


The XDP X-Tra Cool Transmission Cooler has an extruded tube design and a 10" 800 CFM fan for increased cooling capacity in extreme environments. The advanced design of the x-tra cool cooler features 200 micro-extruded passages, these passages are designed to provide greater surface area and to giver you better heat transfer when compared to a standard tube and fin design. The 10" electric fan is securely mounted to the cooling fan and flows 800 CFM. This makes it ideal for heavy duty trucks and ensures that your transmission temperatures remain low. 


  • Supports 30,000+ GWV
  • -10 JIC Male connection 
  • 15.75" Wide x 12.75" Tall 
  • 10" Electric fan (800 CFM) 
  • Tanks allow up to 5/8" hose 
  • High efficiency micro extruded technology