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30-10011 AFE High Flow OEM Drop-In Replacement Filter - Pro 5R - Dodge 1994-2002

SKU: AFE30-10011
Manufacturer: AFE Power
Availability: 1 in stock
Increase the air flow to your motor with this LIFETIME rewashable Pro5R filter from AFE Power. Fits the stock/OEM filter bock in your 1994-2002 Dodge 5.9L Cummins. Drop it in and go!

PRODUCT DETAILS (click to expand)

Mftr. Part# 30-10011
UPC 802959300114
Weight (lbs.): 3.00 lbs.
Dimensions: 11.00" x 14.00" x 3.00"

PRODUCT SPECS (click to expand)

Product Type Air Filter Replacement
Filter Media Type Oiled / Washable / Reusable
AFE Media Pro 5R
$95.00 (CAD)


Constructed with 100% polyurethane on all four sides, this high flow, oiled OE replacement performance filter will out flow stock paper filter for improved horsepower and torque.

Five layers of progressively finer mesh cotton gauze media provide maximum airflow for best performance results.

Washable and reusable for multiple cleaning cycles, the tall open evenly space pleats provide excellent dust holding capacity for longer service cycle between cleanings.

Integrated urethane bump seal insures tight, no leak seal over the life of the filter.

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