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Airdog Pureflow

October, 2009, W.A.P. of Shelbyville, Indiana, entered into a Patent License Agreement with CD Patents, LLC. and a Manufacturing/Sales Agreement with PureFlow® Technologies, Inc. to Advertise, Manufacture, and Market the “AirDog®” Fuel Preporator® fuel air separation systems for the Pick-up Truck Market for the United States and Canada. Raptor®fuel pumps, as well as the use of the Registered Trademarks AirDog®, Fuel Preporator®, Raptor®, and PureFlow®, are also included in the Agreements.

The company, “PureFlow AirDog®” was created by W.A.P. to handle the marketing, manufacturing, and sales of the AirDog® and Raptor® product line for pickup trucks. PureFlow® Technologies continues to develop, manufacture and market AirDog® Fuel Preporator® products for all other Diesel engines.

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