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Smarty Tuners

Smarty King

Smarty Performance King/Mass Electronics is a company specialized in the development of Automotive electronic products dedicated to the performance enthusiast. Their goal is to deliver the most complete, best performing, yet simple-to-use products. All of the engineering, research and development, and performance software design is done in-house. Nothing is outsourced. The experience in tuning vehicles with computer controlled fuel injection systems comes from the racing envrionment with high-end tuning solutions.

Combined, they bring over 40 years of experience in the electronics and software world to the table. This allows them to set the highets quality standards possible. Each single product is tested in all of its functions individually before it leaves their facility.

SMARTY's original products were EPROMs and Flash-EPROMs (or "chips") which could be installed in place of the OEM ROMs located in the vehicles on-board control module. These chips, just like the tuners of today, keep the entire vehicle safety and emissions systems intact, but modify the fuel injection settings to deliver dramatic power, torque and driveability improvements.

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