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SoCal Diesel

26 years of high performance automotive cylinder head and related parts engineering, design and manufacturing can be found at Advanced Motorsports Technology and its subsidiary SoCal Diesel.

Their president, Guy Tripp, started his career as a high performance engine builder and automotive machinist in 1980 while studying Mechanical Engineering at Cal State University, Northridge.

In June of 2006, Guy launched “Advanced Motorsports Technology” and the “SoCal Diesel” line of products in order to apply many of the concepts and technology that he has pioneered in his career to the Diesel performance market.

SoCal Diesel was the first to release CNC ported Duramax cylinder heads to the market. SoCal Diesel also worked very closely with the EFILive team in New Zealand in order to make Duramax engine tuning software available to the general public.

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