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AR6500-40.6 Archoil AR6500 Diesel Treatment (40.6oz)

SKU: AR6500-40.6
Mftr. Part#: AR6500-40.6
UPC: 608819243757
Manufacturer: Archoil
AR6500-40 is formulated to clean, lubricate and protect your fuel system. Use AR6500-40 to maintain a clean diesel fuel system and engine. Treats 400 gallons (1514.16 litres).

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Mftr. Part#AR6500-40.6
Weight (lbs.):0.80 lbs.
Dimensions:1.50" x 9.50" x 3.25"

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Attribute nameAttribute value
Product TypeFuel Additive


Archoil's high concentrate fuel system cleaners are designed to restore and maintain maximum performance and fuel economy.

Even a brand new vehicle's performance will decline if not regularly treated with a fuel system and engine cleaner.


  • Increases power & response
  • Dissolves sludge & stabilizes fuel
  • Improves lubricity & extends component life
  • Maintains & protects injector life

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