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63735 Banks Power OBD-ll Splitter - Universal

SKU: BAN63735
Mftr. Part#: 63735
UPC: 801279637351
Manufacturer: Banks Power
Do you want to install more than one OBD II tool in your sports vehicle? The Universal OBD-II Splitter Cable from Banks Power is the product you should consider buying. The universal splitter cable is compatible with all the popular OBD II tools that are commonly used for tracking system vitals while driving.

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By allowing you to add two devices, the splitter cable eliminates the need for an expensive additional monitoring system. For maximum convenience, the plug is designed at a right angle as it helps reduce interference while installing and removing monitoring sensors and devices. The cable features a port on one end with two plugs on the other.

The single port should be installed in the OBD II system while the plugs on the other end can be inserted into compatible monitoring devices. As quality materials have been used to construct the splitter cable, rest assured that it will maintain a seamless connection between the monitoring system and devices.

Easy to install, the OBD II splitter cable is a must-have accessory for any sports racing enthusiast as it enables the addition of a critical monitoring device to the vehicle. Banks Power is well-known for its product quality and durability. Customers can expect the same from this splitter cable that helps you add an extra OBD II device in the most cost-effective manner.


  • Universal OBD-II Splitter Cable
  • 90 Degree Male