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1064534SS BD Diesel Roadmaster 6R140 Transmission & Converter Package (2WD/4WD) - Ford 6.7L Powerstroke 2017-2019

SKU: BD1064534SS
Mftr. Part#: 1064534SS
Manufacturer: BD Diesel Performance
The 2WD/4WD Roadmaster 6R140 transmission for your 2017-2019 Ford 6.7L Powerstroke is BD's base transmission for stock, non-modified trucks that are looking to increase reliability and longevity

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Since this is a remanufactured product, a temporary "core charge" is added up front until we receive your original unit back. Once received and inspected, the charge will be reversed back to you. The core charge will be added to the price below. (Required)



The Roadmaster 6R140 transmission is BD's base transmission for stock, non-modified trucks that are looking to increase reliability and longevity. This transmission comes with OEM clutch counts, an OEM valve body, and BD's Deep Transmission Pan. Every one of our 6R140 Roadmaster Transmission Packages includes a ProForce Torque Converter and a BD Pressure Controller.


  • Brand new OEM valve body
  • BD Deep Sump Pan
  • Stock Clutch Counts
  • 76% more clutch holding power
  • Delivers up to 300psi line pressure at WOT
  • Only active when boost over 15psi, unlike solenoid foolers or plugs which are active all the time
  • Does not create parasitic load or extra heat when inactive
  • Ideal replacement for tired stock torque converter
  • Great for street and towing applications
  • Dual surface clutch assembly
  • Machined steel reaction ring replaces flexible factory stamping
  • Furnace-brazed pump and turbine fins
  • Fully remanufactured for long service life


  • Parts - 24 Months
  • Labour - 12 Months
  • No race abuse covered


  • 2WD applications require the yoke adapter and rear mount bracket be transferred over during installation
  • Ford scanner required to update the TCM with the new solenoid code and initiate a relearn - very critical component to make sure the transmission works properly
  • Transmission is compatible with both 2wd and 4wd applications