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26402 Edge EvoHT2 w/ ECM Unlock Tool - GMC/Chevy 6.6L Duramax 2017-2019

SKU: EDG26402
Mftr. Part#: 26402
UPC: 810065211057
Manufacturer: Edge Products
The all-new GMC/Chevy L5P flash tuning with in-vehicle ECM unlocking capability! The EvoHT2 now offers complete ECM unlocking in your 2017-2019 Duramax without touching the module itself, no swapping ECM, no cores, no finicky harnesses to disconnect and best of all no more taking your truck off the road for weeks while you ship the ECM across the country!

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Duramax flash tuning with in vehicle ECM unlocking is finally here, the all-new process saves you time and money offering power gains of up to 150HP/350TQ to the tires without ever having to remove your ECM! The EvoHT2 gives you improved throttle response, quicker turbo spool-up, better fuel economy and total control over your driving experience. you have the Choice of Light Towing (125hp/250tq) or Heavy Towing (75hp/150tq) to meet the demands of daily or weekend towing tasks. Extreme Tune (150hp/350tq) can produce well over 500 rear-wheel horsepower for an adrenaline rush and sports car acceleration you didn't think possible from a 3/4-ton truck. The remember Last Button Setting feature allows the Tow/Haul, Exhaust Brake, and Grade Braking settings to remain enabled on every key-cycle. Super convenient while towing.

Device can unlock and tune only one vehicle. Once the ECM is unlocked and flashed, the flash can be returned to factory settings, but the Unlock process can not be reversed.


  • Adds up to 150HP & 350TQ to the rear tires
  • Four pre-calibrated tunes - economy, light tow, heavy tow, extreme,
  • Adjustable throttle sensitivity - 5-50% over stock
  • Speed limiter disable
  • Allison transmission relearn
  • Tire size speedo calibration up to 38" tires
  • Gear ratio calibration
  • Manual & mobile re-gen
  • Adjust idle speed & rev limiter
  • Remember last button setting - tow/haul & exhaust brake enable
  • Adjust tpms settings (1-90psi)
  • Reads & clears diagnostic codes
  • Does not support DPF/EGR removal¬†
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