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22401 Edge V3 Pulsar Tuning Module - GMC/Chevy 6.6L Duramax 2020-2022

SKU: EDG22401
Mftr. Part#: 22401
UPC: 810065210722
Manufacturer: Edge Products
Edge performance products new V3 Pulsar Tuning Module adds to the already impressive Pulsar tuner, now adjusting four major components to build power safely; injection pulse width, injection timing, fuel rail pressure, and airflow.

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The all new V3 Edge Pulsar brings together powerful tuning, safety features, easy install and direct control over how your truck drives. The V3 Pulsar now adjusts 4 major components to build power: injection pulse width, injection timing, fuel rail pressure, and airflow. They've also revamped the shifting capability for improved shifting across the board. Whether you're towing heavy loads or just daily driving Pulsar provides and instant improvement in performance, driveability and throttle response. Pulsar also now includes adjustment features to allow for any changes like lift or tires, calibrate your speedometer, read and clear dtc codes, adjust tpms or even adjust speed limiter. The V3 Pulsar is all around the best new addition to your L5P truck!


  • Clears DTC codes
  • 50% More power
  • Up to 136+ HP AND 293 TQ
  • Adjust TPMS
  • Transmission relearn function
  • Manual DPF regeneration function
  • Built in throttle sensitivity control
  • Improved shifting
  • Includes update cable
  • 5 On-the-fly adjustable power levels

Power levels

  • Level 0 +0 HP +0 TQ
  • Level 1 +32 HP +69 TQ
  • Level 2 +51 HP +118 TQ
  • Level 3 +75 HP +166 TQ
  • Level 4 +96 HP +218 TQ
  • Level 5 +136 HP +291 TQ