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FPE-SF-CUMM-9197 Fleece Performance SureFlo Sending Unit - Dodge 5.9L Cummins 1991-1997

Mftr. Part#: FPE-SF-CUMM-9197
Manufacturer: Fleece Performance
The Fleece Performance PowerFlo sending unit will help your truck get the maximum flow from the aftermarket lift pump in your 1991-1997 Cummins diesel pickup.

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PROBLEM: If you are running an aftermarket pump that is mounted external of the fuel tank, you will need to install a draw straw or drill your fuel tank to accommodate a sump.  Each of these has some pretty significant drawbacks including the ¼ tank issues that result in cavitation of the pump when you draw air into the fuel system.

SOLUTION: SureFlo performance sending units are designed to work with aftermarket lift pumps and fits directly into your stock sending unit location. It features factory style quick disconnects to adapt your stock fuel lines at the tank, giving you the cleanest installation available, and requiring no cutting or drilling of the tank. SureFlo works by drawing fuel from, and returning fuel to, the bucket assembly at the base of the unit. This ensures you are always drawing fuel into your pump and not drawing air into the fuel system as well as eliminates the dreaded ¼ tank problems. The SureFlo bucket also incorporates one way check valves to allow fuel to easily flow in at lower levels.

Our SureFlo performance sending units are also a great alternative for trucks originally equipped without an in tank pump needing to repair a malfunctioning level sender or if you are simply looking to run your own custom fuel lines directly to the tank. 


  • OEM style fitment that requires no tank cutting or drilling
  • New fuel level electronics and fuel float
  • Heavy duty billet aluminum cap
  • Universal -8 AN ports for professionally plumbing a custom fuel setup
  • New tank flange seal
  • Adaptation pigtail connector



IMPORTANT - Verify your existing MOPAR sending unit part number is listed in the table below. If your part number is not shown, then it is not verified to fit.  Many trucks have been retrofitted over time to gasoline model tanks and the SureFlo will not fit into a retrofitted tank configuration.  For Model Year 1998 trucks equipped with a 12 valve engine - your vehicle will require our 1998-2002 SureFlo (FPE-SF-CUMM-9802).  These trucks would have been originally equipped with Carter sending unit part number 52102079AB.

You can also verify your proper part number by the resistance range of the level sender on your existing unit.

If your stock sending unit ranges between 6 – 113 ohms – use FPE-SF-CUMM-9198

If your stock sending unit ranges between 20 - 220 ohms – use FPE-SF-CUMM-9802


LOW FUEL LEVEL LAMP - This sending unit does NOT include provisions to illuminate the Low Fuel level dash lamp.  


IMPORTANT - Verify your OE MOPAR part number in the cross-reference chart:

Model YearReplaces MOPAR P/NPreviously Superseded P/N'sFuel Tank Size
19915201830952004838, 5200493730 Gallon
19925201830952004838, 5200493730 Gallon
19935201830952004838, 5200493730 Gallon
19944864735R4864735, 486473535 Gallon
1995486420904798293, 52102024, 52127802, R4864209, 486420935 Gallon
1996479867104798293, 52102024, 52127802, R4864209, 486420935 Gallon
1997479867104798293, 52102024, 52127802, R4864209, 486420935 Gallon