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R5612O Flo-Pro Exhaust Tip - 5" - 6" x 12" Octagon - Red Overlay

Mftr. Part#: R5612O
Manufacturer: FloPro Exhaust
Flo~Pro 6" Black Octagon Exhaust Tip with Red Overlay. - Inlet: 5", Outlet: 6", Length: 12".

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Create a high-performance aesthetic with the FLO~PRO Octagon Exhaust Tip. Its Canadian-crafted construction is reinforced with a superior powder coating, delivering reliable style and lasting protection to your diesel exhaust system. No welding is needed — simply bolt it onto the end of your tailpipe.


  • 5" Inlet / 6" Outlet / 12" Length
  • Octagon Red Overlay Exhaust Tip
  • T304 Stainless