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PRE1.117.1 Fuel Tank Sump Kit - Two Hole Design With Fuel Return Line

SKU: BCDPRE1.117.1
Mftr. Part#: PRE1.117.1
Manufacturer: BC Diesel
Avoid the common 1/4 tank issues associated with in-tank draw straws used with fuel systems such as AirDog, FASS, and others with the XDP Fuel Tank Sump with Built-In Fuel Return Kit. It provides you with a perfect option to maximize fuel delivery and customization when installing your aftermarket fuel system.

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When you upgrade your vehicle with fuel modifications intended to increase horsepower, you may encounter fuel delivery issues. These issues arise when your fuel system can't keep up with your engine's demand. The last thing you want is to starve your engine of fuel, as it can lead to costly damage, rob you of horsepower and shorten your engine's lifespan.

A fuel sump kit is often the solution to this problem but more often than not, aftermarket units can be prone to leaks due to their inferior one-bolt mounting solution which apply uneven pressure to the sealing O-ring.

Engineers have created a 2-bolt mounting solution that exerts more uniform pressure on the sealing o-ring, reducing the likelihood of fuel sump leaks. Paired with ORB fittings, which offer ideal sealing performance in medium to high-pressure systems, Our Fuel Sump Kit is the top solution available and we offer these kits with or without a return line, eliminating the need to tap into the fuel filter neck when installing aftermarket fuel systems.


  • Made from Billet 6061 Aluminum
  • Mounts with 2 bolts for a more even sealing pressure
  • Anodized black for looks and extra durability
  • Separated return port to prevent flow turbulence
  • Utilizes ORB Hose Fittings for better sealing
  • Made in America

Kit Contents

  • Main Sump Unit
  • Clamping Ring
  • 2x 8AN Plugs with O-Rings (ORB)
  • Square-Profile O-Ring
  • 10AN to 1/2" Double Barb with O-Ring (ORB)
  • 2xM8 socket head cap screws