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722142-0025B Garrett GT3782VA Compressor Wheel - Ford 2006-2007

SKU: 722142-0025B
Mftr. Part#: 722142-0025B
Manufacturer: Garrett Turbos
Availability: 1 in stock
A brand new replacement OEM compressor wheel for 2006-2007 Ford Powerstroke 6.0L factory turbochargers.

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Mftr. Part#722142-0025B

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Attribute nameAttribute value
Product TypeTurbo Compressor Wheel
Part/Condition StatusNew
Old price: $249.50

This compressor wheel is BRAND NEW. Fits 2006-2007 Powerstroke OEM TURBOS ONLY (GARRET).

FITS THESE TURBOCHARGERS (CHECK YOUR TURBO IDENTIFICATION TAG): 170025-0109, 1832255C91, 1832255C92, 1854593C91, 1854593C92, 1854593C93, 1854593C94, 1877831C91, 1877831C92, 1877831C93, 1877834C91, 1879413C92, 1879413C93, 1879413C94, 1882380C1, 5010147R93, 5010399R91, 5C3Z6K682A, 5C3Z6K682CA, 5C3Z6K682CARM, 5C3Z6K682CCRM, 743250-0005, 743250-0014, 743250-0016, 743250-0021, 743250-5005, 743250-5014, 743250-5014S, 743250-5016, 743250-5021, 743250-9005, 743250-9016, 743250-9021,