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MMTC-F2D-17SL Mishimoto Transmission Cooler - Ford 2017-2019

Mftr. Part#: MMTC-F2D-17SL
UPC: 811580034138
Manufacturer: Mishimoto
Mishimoto's New Transmission Cooler for your 2017-2019Ford Powerstroke 6.7L diesel combines the power of air & liquid cooling with the integration of this new kit into the stock system.

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The Mishimoto liquid-to-air tube and fin cooler has 19 rows of fluid tubes and internal fins to maintain optimal running temperatures for your 6.7L transmission. Keeping the 6R140 transmission cool is vital and Mishimoto has come up with the perfect solution, their application specific hard lines are molded to perfection for a strong, secure connection from the factory cooler to their additional tube and fin cooler and complete with application-specific adaptors for simple install. The cooler mounts to the truck with a pair of robust steel brackets to ensure your cooler stays in place no matter what road conditions your Powerstroke encounters. This cooler comes with a Mishimoto lifetime warranty.


  • Direct fit for the 2017-2019 6.7L Powerstroke 
  • Integrates with OEM cooler providing additional cooling power 
  • Adds 1.17 quartz of fluid 
  • Maximum durability & cooling power 
  • Internal fins for consistent fluid temperatures 
  • Application specific fluid hard lines for a secure connection 
  • Robust steel powder-coat brackets for precise and solid mounting
  • Lifetime warranty