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RS-527 Motorcraft Radiator Pressure Cap - Ford OEM 6.0L/6.4L 2003-2010

SKU: RS-527
Mftr. Part#: RS-527
Manufacturer: Ford / Motorcraft
Motorcraft Radiator Pressure Cap - Ford OEM 6.0L 2003-2010, Helps restore the pressure required for your cooling system to function properly.

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Are you experiencing lack of heat in your truck cab, low running temperatures, coolant escaping from under the cap. It is crucial to have the right cooling system components for accurate temperature control, pressure relief, and gasket seals. Ford direct fit OEM Radiator Pressure Cap help bring your cooling system back up to pressure, your cooling system only functions under the proper pressures it was designed for. Motorcraft products meet top Ford Motor Company standards, OEM quality without dealership prices.