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C11342 Pacbrake Exhaust Brake Adapter

SKU: HPC11342
Mftr. Part#: C11342
UPC: 085347730988
Manufacturer: PacBrake
Pacbrake's exhaust brake adapters are stainless steel and have machined flanges so that they are perfectly matched when connected to the exhaust brake housing. The adapters combined with the stainless steel V-Clamps, ensure that there is a perfect airtight seal between all exhaust brake joints.

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When installing an exhaust brake there are two different mounting configurations. One of the most typical exhaust brake installation is the InLineMount.

For this type of install adapters are required to seal the airflow from the exhaust brake to the exhaust pipe. They are mounted on either side of the brake and clamped into place. The second type of exhaust brake, for Dodge 2003 and newer vehicles, are exceptions as they are installed using a DirectMount configuration. This type of install does not require adapters as one side of the brake attaches directly to the turbocharger and the other side directly to the exhaust pipe.


  • Stainless Steel
  • Precision Machined Flanges
  • No Gaskets Required 
  • All 1994-2002 trucks using a DirectMount kit that have 4'' aftermarket exhaust systems